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Email contact for inquiries

Thank you to any and all curious souls who have explored the site or tried to contact me for lessons. Just as one wave of the pandemic seemed to subside and I hoped to offer in person work, another more infectious wave would come crashing in. I have also noticed that I don't always get notifications of interest directly from this site (my email program has marked some as "junk") so if you are interested in work or learning more, please email directly.

Due to a research sabbatical, I will not be available to begin new consults until January 2023. I am also working on finding other available Florida AT teachers who will take referrals. With their permission, I will add those referrals somewhere on the site (or here). We really need as much rest, self care and awareness, and support as we can get these days.

Here are few sites where you can search for Alexander Technique teachers in Florida and well beyond:

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