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3 years

Three years ago, I struggled to set up a simple website that would promote my work as a somatic educator and practitioner. It's too wordy and clunky--not alluring like slick social media. But it started to work a little.

I started getting interest in private consultations and appointments a few weeks before COVID locked us all down. It was not a time to be in close proximity with any human and Alexander Technique teachers learned rapidly how to revamp their work to online formats brilliantly. I am thankful for my day job--unlike so many others, my livelihood was not threatened.

So Shakti.Somatics is going on 3 years--this name, this web presence, and so little actual embodied work possible. But, if you want to take a crack at it, check it out again. There is a little light peeping in. We have vaccinations. Masks are weird and impersonal but they protect. We're emerging but are still daily vibrating from the collective stress. Maybe we feel smaller from fear than we did 3 years ago. Maybe our fatigued bodies and minds need a little help.

I think the Alexander Technique and the other modalities I offer can be part of the solution, part of coming back to ourselves and being more present in our body/minds. There is no miracle pill, no magic wand to wave away the overwhelm of living and surviving this moment in time. But we can, moment by moment, ground ourselves, breathe, find our internal and external sense of space, receive rest and care for a bit, and regroup to keep moving forward one tiny step at a time. I can be here for that.

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