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Shakti.Somatics is up and running!

It has been years since I posted on a blog. My last blog featured raw observations about my life as a Milwaukee-based dance company director, performer, and teacher -- I proudly called it a RANT.

There is much to rant about these crazy days (and there may be occasional rants here...) but this site is dedicated to a sort of embodied resistance: the insistence that the wholeness and context of each individual person matters. Cultural and self imposed ignorance of the body and mind have got to go. We have more knowledge and access to that knowledge more than any other time in history--so much so that sometimes we are overwhelmed by the possibilities and choices.

In this shift, I offer what I can by way of resistance to outdated assumptions of body-mind fractures and the disconnected array of medical approaches that treat people like impersonal machinery disconnected from personal and cultural histories. I have been in continual somatic inquiry and training since I took my first Laban/Bartenieff dance technique class from the sublime Karen Studd (Certified Movement Analyst) at George Mason University in the late '80s. Her generosity, intelligence, and expansive knowledge set me on a path that would save and change my life forever. I am dedicated to paying it forward.

However I can share, educate, and collaborate to promote a cultural future that values the whole person at all developmental stages and look honestly at the affects of the impossible stressors and trauma of our time: It is time. I am as ready as I'll ever be.

Postscript: I mean, how many damn somatic certifications can one have to finally feel qualified to knowledgeably participate???

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